About Fredd Villa

Since moving to Chicago in 2016, Fredd has worked as a freelance engineer around the city, including productions for SoFar Sounds, Audiotree, and Electrical Audio.

Drawn to the camaraderie within the DIY communities of Southern California, Fredd began collaborating with artists and musicians. 

Playing drums from a young age helped create a sensitivity to rhythm, pace, and arrangement; elements that define the critical moments in the music.

Throughout extensive cycles of writing, recording, and touring as a musician, Fredd became increasingly interested in the recording process, helping friends arrange and record demos. The experience solidified life long friendships and helped build upon an ever-growing network of passionate performers and organizers in the area.


At that time, the recording process involved a couple of knock off brand microphones, a dated Macbook, a beat-up M-audio Fast Track Pro interface, and a really old version of Pro Tools.